Monday, December 24, 2012


A quick little post to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!!!  

I'll update about my injuries,  rehab, and non existent training later but for now, here is a You Tube clip of one of my fav Christmas songs:

Here are some of the Christmas goodies I made this year!  They seem to be a hit! :)  

The M-dot Shortbread cookie!

The cookie spread all gifted up!  I made six different kinds!

So...Merry Christmas to you all and To all, a Good Night!!!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

And one more...

My injury list is just getting longer! :) Boo!  Since I have stopped running and cycling I have been in the pool and getting in some yoga.  Well, Thursday night at swim practice I did something stupid!  We were working on dives, turns, and finishes after a shortened main set to prepare for our club's time trial swim meet.  I had signed up to swim the 50m, 200m, and 800m free looking forward to improve my times from the last swim meet.  Working on the last thing - finishes, I managed to do something bad.  As I was going into the wall at full speed with my left arm outstretched to touch the wall, I think I had my arm a little too hyper-extended that when I hit the wall it had no where to go.  My elbow just sort of buckled and popped out!  I immediately sort of tried to straightened it and grabbed it with my right hand to straighten it and it went back into place.  But not without massive sharp pain! :(  I stood at the side of the pool in near tears hoping the pain would go away but it was just getting worse and I could not move my arm.  I then realized I was in trouble and did something bad.  I managed to get myself to the other side of the pool where I one handed got myself on the pool deck and iced my elbow for a bit.  My range of motion was horrible.  Thankfully I got a ride home from one of the coaches (since I rode my bike to swim) and hoped that my elbow would get better.  I almost went into emerg that night since I could not sleep from the pain to make sure everything was ok.  I waited until I was at work the next night and had it checked then.  Thankfully, the xrays were all cleared and there were no fractures, it wasn't a complete dislocation and the elbow is in its proper place! Pheww!  But there is joint swelling and ligaments were torn.  So now I have a bum elbow! Lol!  Range of motion is getting better but it is still quite painful and there is no way I can swim or go to yoga for a bit until this heals!  Well, I figured this is a sign to force me to completely rest!  Yoga may have been pushing my hamstring a little much....well, now I cannot go.  I may try some swimming by the end of the week if my elbow feels better but I think I need to be careful with that too and not push it too soon!