Thursday, May 9, 2013

PRP Round 2

After my follow up with the sports doc last week, he wanted me to get a 2nd PRP injection.  I decided to go ahead with it as my attempt at saving this race season.  I should probably give up on it but I have signed up for 2 half Ironmans and a full and it's too late to back out now.  So I got my 2nd injection yesterday.  And I have decided I hate PRP.  The pain is pretty intense and runs from my piriformis right down to the back of my knee.  I did just recently learned that there is a new painless PRP procedure that removes the white blood cells from the blood which is a cause of the pain.  The WBCs cause the inflammatory response hence the pain.  But the new procedure cost $400 more so I decided that for the $400 I could withstand a few days of pain.  But if you ask me now, that $400 is worth it cuz I am in a world of pain again.  I made the mistake of working last night just hours after the injection and a 12hr shift on your feet is not what my hamstring needed.  So I officially made my first sick call tonight in eight years because I could not stand another night of me hobbling around in pain and being stubborn.  Since the injection is done under ultrasound, I was able to find out if there was an improvement after the first time.  Well, the U/S still showed the tear! Boo! :(  The tech told me it is in a bad place because it is so close to the bone and there is no blood flow there.  Which is why PRP should work.  So I am back to being side-lined right now.  Not sure for how long but as soon as I can I will get back to swimming and cycling.  Cannot do that now.  Walking is painful enough.  Keeping my fingers crossed that this shot will work!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Team Fox! Help me make a difference!

This year I decided to become a member of Team Fox to raise money for Parkinson's Disease.  I have been racing triathlons and running races for many years now and this year I wanted to make a difference.  I will be racing on June 23 at Ironman Mt. Tremblant 70.3 as a member of Team Fox.  I am asking you for your help in reaching my fundraising goal of $2500.  Please click on the link below or on the above logo to go to my fundraising page and help me reach this goal.  Any help will be much appreciated!  PLEASE and THANK YOU!


Friday, May 3, 2013


This is my motto right now in my return to running.  After I got the ok to run at the beginning of April I have followed the docs instructions.  I started with 2km every other day and have been slowly increasing my distance every week.  I am at 5km now! :)  My pace started off pretty slow and I have slowly been dropping my pace per km.  However, I am still no where near my normal pace.  I have been attributing this to lack of running fitness and am really just happy that I am back on the road.  I was thrilled to be running my 5km under 30min, lol!!!  Until I had another follow up with the doc this week.  He asked me about my pace times, then told me I was slow! Haha!  I know I am relatively slow, but hey! Lol!  Seriously though, he was referring to my normal pace times.  He wants me to get another PRP injection next week.  He told me that it would not be as painful as the first time and it would not set me back that much.  I have full intentions of doing the Ironman this year (and I told him this) and I have confirmed my registration for two half Ironmans.  I really am not sure what to do but am booked for now for another injection next week.  So I have pulled the plug on my first two races I was hoping to do and will make my race debut at the end of June at the Mt. Tremblant 70.3.

I have been feeling like I am returning a little more to normal in the training department.  Yesterday I rode my bike outdoors for the first time out of the city for three hours (minus the bike commuting) and then went to yoga all after working six night shifts.  The day before I swam, biked, and ran! :) This is more like toddler steps!!!  I've got two months to get myself half ironman ready!  I can do it! :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Swimming like a fish!

OK...well, maybe not!  But I am a Pisces! Lol!

A couple of Saturdays ago I swam in my second ever swim meet!  The Downtown swim club hosted the All Out Swim at UofT which was another sanctioned Masters Swimming Ontario event!  I really should have been a swimmer growing up because I had a lot of fun!

I decided to go all in for this meet and swim the maximum of 5 events allowed.  I decided to swim the 800m, 400, 200, and 100m free and for fun I threw in the 50m breast, all long course!

My first event was the 800m free.  I seeded myself pretty generously at 14:00min because I did not know what I can swim this in.  Realistically, I wanted to swim it in under 13:45 though.  My dive starts are still pretty pathetic but my main goal was to not lose my goggles! Ha!  And that I accomplished in all five dives but I did do a bit of a belly flop in a couple of them.  The first 100m of the 800 was way too fast, I had way too much adrenaline in me and I just tried to settle into a strong but steady pace after that.  I swam the first 100m in 1:29! Lol!  After that, I settled into a steady 1:38-40 pace.  With all the ironman training, I am definitely a long distance swimmer.  I came in at 13:01!  Woot! Woot!  Not bad, not bad!  Would have been fun to come in under 13min but I did place 2nd in my age group in this event.  Next was the 200m which was swam right after the 800s were done.  This was my worst swam event in my opinion.  The first 100 was about a 1:28 and then I completely fell apart and swam the last 100 in 1:37!  Oops!  That was not well executed.  Finished in 3:05 which put me in 5th.  I wanted to go under 3min since I swam this in 2:53 at the short course Etobicoke event.  Then was the 50m breast!  Hehe!  I quickly got the how-to for the dive start and the two handed wall touch for the finish which I had no clue about.  I gave it my all and happily came to the wall in 49.26!  I just wanted about :55!  I came 6th here; clearly not a breast-stroker.  Final event before the break was the 100m.  Another all out sprint which I kind of fell apart in too! Hehe!  I swam this one in 1:24 but was actually hoping for under 1:20.  This one put me in 4th.  My final event was the final event of the day, the 400m free.  I swam this one pretty solid as well with pretty even splits and finished it in 6:21 which gave me another 2nd place finish.  Yay!  I did swim faster than all my seed times for all the events.  I also got some valuable tips from fellow swimmers and the swim coach is now going to work on my stroke more with me to become a more efficient swimmer!  :)   Great day all around!

I am looking forward to the next swim meet!  Not sure when that will be though.  I would also like to thank the Downtown Swim Club for putting on a great meet!