Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Operation get back into shape 2014!

I started some "real" training last month and I am almost back to a regular training routine!  It definitely was hard to get back into training and doing the workouts that hurt more! Lol!  The winter we are having in Toronto is also making it hard to train.  Running, which is my weakest and least favourite event, has been non-existent.  It either has been too cold or too snowy or too icy to go out for a run.  Excuses, excuses, I know!  It is times like these I wish I had easy access to a treadmill.  There is always the indoor track but since my hamstring is not quite ready for intervals on a track, the thought of going round and round at a steady pace is nauseating.  I guess it is better than nothing.  I do hope to go out and run again soon!  I need to!  By mid January I had enough with the snow and ice.  I even crashed on my commuter one night due to some black ice so I made the last minute decision to sign up for a cycling training camp in California.  I first had to give away and switch some shifts around at work and I have awesome coworkers who helped me out and allowed me to escape from the winter for a week of cycling!  I joined the RealDeal Performance camp in San Diego, California knowing I would be out of my league but I figured I had nothing to lose!  And boy was I right! These people were either pro, elite, or on the national team!  I worked hard and definitely improved over the week getting some fitness and strength back and I had a great time and made some new friends!  I apparently impressed some of the guys during the week but I am not a quitter and I stuck to it and just worked hard getting my butt kicked! Haha!  I put in about 500km during the week.  Not bad!   Here is a group pic of us at La Jolla Cove, so nice to be outside!

Photo courtesy of Ed Veal/RealDeal Performance

Now I am trying to keep my gained fitness and keep myself fit for the next camp I signed up for.  Another camp which I will be out of my league but I was welcomed to join and again, have nothing to lose but to get stronger!  I will be leaving at the end of the month for Lanzarote, Canary Islands for the Epic Women Camp hosted my pro triathlete Tara Norton!  Not gonna lie, I am super nervous but also super excited about the trip.  Bring it on! :)