Tuesday, February 28, 2017


This was in my inbox this morning!!!

So it's official!!! I'm heading to the big island for the grand show!!! So exciting!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Power tests and more!

Training is coming along fairly smoothly over the last couple of weeks.  I am super happy with my new coach and I am seeing some gains.  I am also happy to report that I am out of the aircast for now!  My x-ray was negative so the doc gave me permission to stress the foot and try running again.  I do have an MRI coming up to make sure we did not miss anything.  I have tried running but only short runs for now and I only ran three times so far.  I cannot say I am completely pain free but it really isn't too bad.  If my foot does get bad again, I am to go back into the aircast until I get the MRI.  I am being very optimistic at the moment!

On my fourth week of my training program I did the ever dreaded but very important 20 min all out test to determine my power ranges.  I dread these tests because it hurts soooo much!  Breathing hurts, the lactic acid buildup is substantial, my muscles shaking - you know you are giving it your all.  I actually did two tests, a 3min all out, and a 20min all out.  I am pleased with my 20min all out as I may have met or close to met my previous all time best.  I am not 100% certain but I am pretty sure I matched my best!  Woo!!!!!!!  Super pleased with my effort and how my training is coming along.  My average power for the 3min test was 263W and for the 20min test it was 202W!  My coach created some charts based on my results with my different power zones which I was pretty impressed with - meaning him creating the charts! 

After my tests, I had a little getaway to visit my roots!  I had a fantastic and eye-opening time meanwhile, I got a bit sun-kissed too!  Once I got back, I started my next block of training and it has been a bit tough!  But this is what I signed up for and I think I am getting into pretty decent shape!  I am even swimming 5km at the 2hr masters swim practices.  I only broke 5km once ever at masters swim - years ago!  So far I already swam 5km twice this week.  2017 is looking like its shaping into quite the year!!!  I am very excited to see what happens! :)