Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Well the injury bug got me again! :(  My tensor fascia latae...or aka: TFL!

tensor fascia latae muscle - TFL

I did not know about this muscle until I had my big tear during the NYC marathon in the fall of 2015! 

Here is a little info on the little muscle that is oh so important and can cause so much pain when unhappy.  The function of the TFL is to stabilize the hip and the pelvis. It also aids in flexing the hip by raising the leg out in front, abducts the hip, and medially rotates the hip.  It attaches at the top to the pelvis at the anterior iliac crest and inserts into the IT band. The IT band basically acts as a really long, thick tendon for the TFL.

In 2015, my hip was niggling and I thought it was something that was just going to bug me during the marathon.  Nope!  4km in and I tore it, and it tore big! 2.3cm partial tear off the pelvis.  That muscle took me a very long time to heal but I can finally say I am completely pain free!  That is in my right hip!  I guess my left one was feeling left out.  I felt some niggling for the past month or so but it would go away as my runs progressed.  That is until 2 weeks before I raced Ironman 70.3 Syracuse.  My left hip was really starting to bother me but I still managed to complete my training runs.  Well, it started to hurt when I walk too and I feared my TFL because the pain was so familiar.  I was really hoping it was bursitis or something.  Then I went out for a planned 2hr run the week before the race and cut it at 42min because the pain was getting worse and I was just getting slower.  So I stopped running until Syracuse and went into Syracuse not knowing if I could finish it.  The long term goal this year is Kona so I have to keep that into perspective.   I managed to finish Syracuse with not too much pain so the week after the race I started running again.  Well that lasted all but 2- 30min runs.  I had my sports doc appointment anyways so I thought I give it one last test.  Walking hurt again so I knew it wasn't going to be good.

My worst fear was confirmed: I tore my TFL in my left hip - right of the iliac crest!  I guess it's a bad sign when your sports doc knows you well and knows how I react to pain and when the ultrasound tech knows you as well! Ha!  I asked why this happened again since I was so diligent in keeping strength training as part of my training routine focusing on my glutes and hamstrings.  I did not over-train and have a coach to make sure I kept everything on track and not go crazy in training.  So I was quite disappointed!  Back to no running!  Argh!  I actually did some retail therapy after I got the news, haha!  Good news, the tear is about 1cm!  So not as big!  I have no idea if I can complete Whistler and deep down inside me thinks not!  But I am still going as I paid for everything and I am allowed to swim and ride like heck! Lol!

Back to the bench I go! (For running at least!)

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Ottawa Half Marathon

I participated in my first real race of the year, (I'm not counting the NYE run), on May 27th - the Ottawa Half Marathon.  This race was actually a friend's of mine idea.  She lives in Newfoundland so it was a chance for us to reunite.  She is a real runner!  A pro at the ultra distance stuff!  She did what they called the Lumberjack challenge: 2k, 5k, 10k on the Saturday and the full marathon on the Sunday.  I was going to do the Voyageur challenge: 5k, 10k on the Saturday and the half on the Sunday.  However, with being in an air cast in January and having to slowly rebuild my run to prevent re-injury, my coach and I decided to just stick to the half marathon.  I only got to 15km two weeks before the half and did a 16km run the week before.  I only started getting my pace back below 6min/km so I knew my goal of sub 2hr was going to be tough.  I knew I was no where near ready to PB this run but I was deeply hoping for a sub 2hr.  This would be my longest run in a loooong time.  Since this was more of a training race, I brought my bike with me and on Saturday rode in Gatineau park and along the Rideau canal with another old friend of mine who now lives in Ottawa.

Race day was actually quite warm.  Not uncharacteristically warm but all of a sudden warm so our bodies were not acclimatized to the heat and it made the run a bit more of a challenge.  I tried to settle out in a steady pace but of course adrenaline got the best of me and I started out quite quickly.  I was hoping my legs and feet would feel light and fast like my 15km run a couple of weeks ago but it wasn't meant to be.  I felt like I had to work hard to maintain pace.  I was steadily holding about a 5:41min/km pace and I thought I was right on target for a 2hr half and I was actually quite excited about that.  With 4km to go I decided to go for it!  I was going to try for the sub 2hr and deep inside me knew it was a bit of a mistake as I knew I was going to destroy my legs going for it.  With 2km to go, the wheels fell off - haha!  I struggled to keep a 6min/km pace.  But I thought I did enough for a sub 2hr.  Turned out I was way off mark.  Not sure if my garmin went wonky at some point or the distance markers were inaccurate.  My watch clocked in at 2:01 for a 5:42min/km pace but for 21.33km, even though I started my garmin late.  My official time was 2:02 with a 5:48min/km pace.  So not sure what exactly happened but either way I was actually quite pleased.  I only started getting my pace back under 6min and here I managed it for 21km.  The next day, or days, I paid for it though.  My legs felt like I did a marathon, haha!  But I was happy!  Woo!

Up next: Syracuse 70.3!!!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Where Am I At?

I've been busy putting in the hours both at work and training.  I am logging anywhere from 14-17 hours a week of training and consistently working 48-60 hrs a week.  Life is trying to get in the way again on a personal level but I am keeping focused and working hard.  I do thank coach for that as I am accountable to him and I have to keep plugging away despite what is going on, and hey, it's a good distraction really.

My last 20min test was a success!  I had another improvement and I am super happy with that!  I clocked in at 217W!  Woo!  My 3min test was not all that well executed as I went out pretty hard and died off.  I believe that was just a 1-2W improvement (cannot remember exactly!).  I believe I clocked in at 278 or 279W.  That is ok though because it still was an improvement which means I keep getting stronger! Yay!

My runs are slowly getting longer and I am almost feeling like my old self when out there!  I did a 15km run a few weeks ago and I felt just awesome out there and I was smiling!  My pace is improving and I just hope I keep getting stronger.  Also been continuing with the outdoor rides now and I am at just over 100km.  So awesome to be outdoors!  So I am slowly and steadily increasing the distance and intensity.  Things are looking pretty good so far! :)