Tuesday, August 13, 2013

On the mend!

So much has happened and I have been a bad blogger!  So instead of writing up official race reports I will write up a recap of the last month and a bit!

My tri season started off with Ironman 70.3 Mont Tremblant!  I met my objective of crossing the finish line!  Yay!  I was surprised that I actually completed it in under 6hrs!  Just barely but I did!  Then before I headed to Alberta I decided to race the Toronto Olympic tri as a very last minute decision.  I kind of wanted to compare myself to last year which was probably a mistake.  I still managed a relatively strong race but was much slower than last year, a whole 8 minutes slower! eek!  But that is ok!  I actually lost 3 min on the swim!  I have no idea what happened there except that the water was super cold!  I was about one minute slower on the bike and about 4 minutes slower on the run.  However, I did do a long ride the day before so I was not exactly fresh for this race.  Then I headed to Alberta for my summer mountain adventure!  I trained in the Rockies and had a couple of good rides there right before the Calgary 70.3!  Such beauty we have in our own country and great climbing in the mountains!  I raced Calgary and exceeded my expectations!  I finished it in 5:41 and a bit, but the bike was short by about 4km.  The good news was that I actually felt pretty good on the run!  And I was ecstatic about that!  I was more like my race-self but that is not necessarily a good thing since I am able to block out pain and I think that is what I did.  I was able to push through and I even picked it up at the end breaking another competitor!  That was awesome!  I was feeling good so I pushed the last bit of the run.  I passed another female athlete at about 17km and she decided to stick with me.  Well, I was struggling to keep the pace and I was going to let her go until she let out some profanities and dropped off!  I laughed! (she did too!).  My hamstring also was not in that much pain afterwards either!  I am not pain-free yet but I am finally noticing an improvement!  I think the PRP shots are actually working!

Saw the sports doc today for another follow up and told him of my improvements and of my plan of doing the Ironman.  And he was ok with it.  He said get onto the run and see how I feel!  And that is my plan!  I will run for as long as I can and if I have to walk, I will walk!  I managed to get up to a 25km run.  This is the least amount of training I have ever done going into an Ironman but who knows!?  I am banking on experience and mental strength to get me through it and I know I can!