Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Happy birthday to me!

Besides getting my Kona confirmation yesterday on my birthday, I also got to perform another 20min all out test.  This will benchmark where I am now after a solid month of hard interval training on the bike!  And I pleased to report, I passed!  I put out my best average ever and I am pretty pumped about that!  Here is my garmin summary for the 20min test - 208W!!!! Woo! That is a 6W improvement from my last one!

Today I did the 3min all out test!  I have to say today's test hurt a lot more.  After yesterday's 20min effort and then a hard swim set this morning, my legs were not happy with what I was asking them to do.  However, I did improve over my last one.  I actually held 268W until the last second when it dropped to 267W, lol!  Something to improve on next time.  Here is my garmin screen from the 3min test:

To top off these efforts, I did get a lovely ice cream birthday cake from my parents!!!  Here is the awesome cake they got me, complete with a musical candle!  :)  I am a pretty lucky and blessed gal to be able to do what I love and to enjoy all the little things in life with the people I love!

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