Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Where Am I At?

I've been busy putting in the hours both at work and training.  I am logging anywhere from 14-17 hours a week of training and consistently working 48-60 hrs a week.  Life is trying to get in the way again on a personal level but I am keeping focused and working hard.  I do thank coach for that as I am accountable to him and I have to keep plugging away despite what is going on, and hey, it's a good distraction really.

My last 20min test was a success!  I had another improvement and I am super happy with that!  I clocked in at 217W!  Woo!  My 3min test was not all that well executed as I went out pretty hard and died off.  I believe that was just a 1-2W improvement (cannot remember exactly!).  I believe I clocked in at 278 or 279W.  That is ok though because it still was an improvement which means I keep getting stronger! Yay!

My runs are slowly getting longer and I am almost feeling like my old self when out there!  I did a 15km run a few weeks ago and I felt just awesome out there and I was smiling!  My pace is improving and I just hope I keep getting stronger.  Also been continuing with the outdoor rides now and I am at just over 100km.  So awesome to be outdoors!  So I am slowly and steadily increasing the distance and intensity.  Things are looking pretty good so far! :)

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