Wednesday, July 5, 2017


In hopes of expediting the healing process, I went for a PRP injection last week.  PRP = platelet rich plasma injection.  Basically, about 30cc of my blood is withdrawn, the sample is then spun down for the platelets, and then the platelets are injected into the site of insult.  It was actually my swim coach who brought it up.  I did not think about it since I did not go the PRP route for my right TFL tear.  However, this time it's a bit different as time is of the essence right now.  I asked my chiro if it was even an option and he went to the doc to see what could be done!  Well, according to my chiro, the doc must like me because he was going to squeeze me in the very next day!  I actually asked for it to be pushed by one day so I could still teach my spin class and the run clinic that I lead.

So early Friday morning I went to the sports medicine clinic to hand over $600 and get the PRP injection.  The doc was quite impressed with the tear - another good one!  Still smaller than the right one though, lol!  Memories of my last PRP injection into my hamstring came back quick with the pain!  The actual process is not THAT bad.  I mean, you still get a huge a$$ needle being stuck into your hip to get into the muscle and then your blood is injected into a small area.  But once I stood up, that pain!  It was difficult to put full weight on my leg, yet I think this one was less painful than my hamstring injection.

I had to back off training completely over the weekend to not stress the area too much and get the PRP to do it's job.  I really do not know if this will work but I was and am willing to try anything to get me back to training.  At this point, I think I may have to let go of IM Canada.  I will at least swim/bike the ironman but the long term goal is Kona and I have to keep that into perspective.  I am not going to lie, this is going to be real difficult for me.  I have never DNF'd a race and I know I will have trouble pulling the plug.  I have to get my mind around this one though.  I need to be healthy for Kona.

Here's hoping for the best!

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breadandbutter said...

Hi Wendy,

Can you please elaborate on exactly what you did to treat your torn TFL? What type of MRI was ordered to diagnosis it, pelvic, hip, etc? I had a pelvic MRI which showed a partial thickness tear of TFL/IT Band at the iliac crest, however my report didn't include specific measurements denoting the size of the tear.

Were you able to bike while it was healing, and if so was it recumbent or an upright bike? Any strength training exercises, massage, etc? And how long did your big tear (2.3 cm) take to heal before you were able to run on it again without any pain? Sorry for the list of questions but there's not a ton of info or people who have the misfortune of tearing a TFL. Lucky us :) Thank you!